Miceli's Market - Jess Maceli

Miceli’s Market is located on a busy street in West Lawrence and has only been open for a few months. It is a 2,800 square foot convenience store with its claim to fame as an Italian Market with home cooked meatballs, pasta, Panini’s and homemade desserts. It is quickly becoming a lunchtime destination and a “stop-by-on-the-way-home destination” for all the essentials to pull together a quick, delicious home cooked Italian dinner!
Owner Jess Maceli sat down with us and shared his thoughts on his unique concept.
What inspired you to get into the c-store business?
I was in the bar business several years ago; my wife helped her family with a bowling alley for a couple of years. I didn’t really aspire to own a convenience store, but I had thought about opening an Italian Market and Deli in Lawrence for several years. The opportunity to purchase the property became available, so we purchased it. It already had a kitchen that had already been successful in the past and our market needed one, so we went for it.
What challenges have you faced with your businesses? How have you addressed them?
Equipment breakdowns, I’ve had to deal with many. It is crucial that you get the right person in to work on your equipment. I’ve found good service people, so when something breaks down, I know who to call. They’re dependable and offer peace of mind.
What key elements did you want in your store?
We wanted to have a clean store and a friendly atmosphere. Since we are an Italian Market and Deli, we are trying to implement this into the convenience store side as well. We have the cleanest restrooms in town!
What makes you different from your competition?
I think that having an in-store kitchen and an Italian Market and Deli, sets us apart from the competition down the street. We are selling made-to-order sandwiches and soups out of the deli, and I think it’s going to win us additional customers.
What has been your key to success so far?
Since this store had been neglected for so long, I think our key to success (so far) is that we are the owners and are working in the store every day. We are getting to know our customers by their first names and making them feel welcome and part of the family when they come in. Not to mention, the food is delicious!
Why CarterEnergy?
I’ve had dealings with Carter before when I was looking for a store to purchase. Even though those opportunities didn’t come to fruition, Susie Coleman was very helpful throughout the process. When this opportunity came about, I knew I wanted to work with Susie again because I was so impressed with the way she
helped me before. She’s also my best customer!
How does CarterEnergy add value to your business?
Two words: Susie Coleman! She has been the best thing for our store. Since she has the experience, she has helped us through some of the more difficult situations in getting this business up and running.
What are some possible future directions for your store?
I think to maybe move more towards a market and deli concept than a convenience store. This would set us apart from other stores. We also want to be a healthier alternative to other stores, and also want to be more unique.
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