Casper's Conoco - Tim Theonen


In the small town of Linn, Missouri, c-store owner Tim Theonen faces the challenge of competing with two other gas stations head on. His 3,544 square foot Conoco is located along the highway and includes a service center, a cafe, and two separate canopies, one specifically to accommodate large trucks.
What inspired you to get into the c-store business?
I’ve had 26 years of experience here, with none prior to that. I really wanted to stay home with my family.
What challenges have you faced with your businesses? How have you addressed them?
Our biggest challenge is getting our store more out in the public eye. To help, we developed a Facebook page to help increase awareness and help promote customer loyalty.
What key elements did you want in your store?
We wanted to provide great customer service and have a clean store that would attract repeat business. This year, we threw our first customer appreciation event in fifteen years. We had a great turnout.
What makes you different from your competition?
We have excellent foodservice inside our restaurant, with Chester’s Chicken, and are currently their number one account in our area.
What has been your key to success so far?
Paying attention to all the small details—inside our store and out. On a daily basis, we wipe down all pumps and islands. Every hour, we check the trash outside and all the restrooms. We try and keep the store as nice as possible to keep customers coming back.
Why CarterEnergy?
We’ve been with CarterEnergy for about 9 years now. CarterEnergy has helped open me up to many more supply options that I am able to take advantage of to save on fuel cost. With my Diesel being unbranded, I have been able to utilize all their supply and terminals to get the best price. I know CarterEnergy is there, standing behind me if I ever need their help.
What are some possible future directions for your store?
We’re looking to add new pumps, as well as remodel the inside of our store with a stone look.



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