CarterEnergy to Celebrate 50 Years

Educational Outreach Program Will Ask Children, "What Will Fuel the Future?"


2010 marks a milestone in CarterEnergy’s history—its 50th year in operation. Founded in 1960 by Sam Carter, CarterEnergy has grown from a one-store retail operator, to a multi-branded, 9-state fuel distributor known as being “The Complete Energy Source” to its many Midwest and Gulf-based retail and commercial customers.

To celebrate, CarterEnergy will be commemorating the event with a multi-year celebration designed to give back to those to whom they owe their long-term success—namely their Associates, Customers and their Communities.

What Will Fuel the Future?

This is the core idea behind CarterEnergy’s 50th Anniversary Campaign. “With the future of energy being such a high profile and, often, emotionally charged topic,” says Deborah Baska, VP Marketing Operations, “CarterEnergy seeks to stimulate adults and children of all ages to think about one of the biggest questions in society today: What kinds of energy will be needed to fuel the future?”

CarterEnergy is obviously interested in the responses to this question, as the future of energy is tightly aligned with the future of CarterEnergy. “This campaign is like a big research project for our company,” says Kerry Oliver, Chief Administrative Officer. “We would be thrilled to find a nugget—a great idea that CarterEnergy could incorporate into its future plans.”

And while it’s uncertain exactly what will fuel the future, CarterEnergy does know who will fuel the future: Our children. With this in mind, during its 50th-year celebration, the company will launch their energy-based educational outreach program for children grades K-8: What Will Fuel the Future?

The program will feature an educational RoadShow experience that will tour the company’s geography (the Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Denver metro areas), visiting public events, customer locations and schools. “CarterEnergy is excited to be able to offer children a fun way to learn about energy-related topics like ‘What are renewable fuels?’ and ‘Where do fossil fuels come from?’” continues Baska, “and we know that their parents will enjoy learning right along with them!”

CarterEnergy’s website will offer teacher curriculum that can be used in classrooms to complement the RoadShow learning experience. The website will also invite community friends to interact by uploading photos, logging “What will fuel the future” ideas in the Idea Book, entering contests, viewing RoadShow routes and photos, and learning more about Energy Fun.

Please visit CarterEnergy’s Online Press Kit at to learn more.


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