New President Named at CarterEnergy Corporation


CarterEnergy Corporation has named Kerry Oliver President of the Company, effective immediately. Kerry has been with the company for almost ten years, leading the Administration and serving as the Company’s General Manager for the past two years.

“Kerry came to CarterEnergy in a consulting role and just weeks into working with her, I realized what a capable individual she was and asked her to join our team,” said Bryan Beaver. “Her promotion is well-deserved.”
“Kerry is fun to work with, has a tremendous sense of fair play and has proven herself competent to do the job. I thoroughly enjoy working with her because she is such a motivated learner and at CarterEnergy, has been able to express her deep desire to help people grow, along with the day-to-day difficulties of managing a complex business,” he continued.
Bryan Beaver will continue in his current roles as Owner and CEO of CarterEnergy, focusing even more closely on the Company’s strategic direction and fiscal responsibility in all matters. “Kerry’s new role will allow me to play these roles even more effectively,” he stated.
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