CarterEnergy Celebrates Grand Opening of Two New Facilities
in Kansas City’s Fairfax District 

CarterEnergy customers, area fleets and business partners joined in the grand opening celebration of its new Product Distribution Center (PDC) and of its first public fueling station (Cardlock) to offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  Held on Friday September 18, 2015, the celebration included ribbon cuttings, brief remarks, facility tours, and a CNG fueling demonstration. 
Kerry Oliver, President of CarterEnergy, expressed excitement about this significant milestone which involved a seven year search for the right location.  “Moving [our drivers and fleet] to Kansas is an important event for us. We’re just so happy to be here.  We’ve been in Liberty, Mo; we’ve been in Riverside, Mo; and we’ve been in Kansas City, MO.  Our primary fuel suppliers offer their product at terminals located right here in Fairfax.  We wanted to be right next door.  So moving to Kansas gives us the advantage of improved fleet utilization, lower cost to operate and increased safety.”
Oliver also expressed appreciation for those who helped facilitate the project.  “We would not be here without the help of North Point Development’s Fairfax initiatives; our friends at Kessinger/Hunter who helped us track down this property; the Unified Government of KCK, and many other business and government entities that provided their services.”  She also credited Construction Company Cherry & Associates and Randall Cherry for overseeing the project.  “Randall oversaw this project from day one and was deeply involved throughout the entire process.”
The program also included speeches from CarterEnergy executives, as well as area dignitaries, including Melanie Mahoney, Chief of Staff representing Mayor Holland and the Unified Government of Wyandotte/Kansas City, KS; Jon Stephens, Interim Executive Director of the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce; and Kelly Gilbert, Coordinator of the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition and Transportation Director of Metropolitan Energy Center.  The guests spoke to CarterEnergy’s contributions to the local economy, as well as to the company’s role in the rejuvenation of the Fairfax District and Kansas City, Kansas.
“Fairfax has this amazing history in our community,” said Mahoney.  “In World War II, they were building necessary aircraft down here and this is just part of the resurgence that we see that’s coming back.  [The building] looks beautiful and this is how we’re going to change this area down here.  Having CarterEnergy here is not only a great thing for us today, but by using clean energy and changing our environment, this is a gift for our children and our children’s children.”

“As we look at CarterEnergy and your commitment,” stated Stephens, “you are an innovative company that is providing solutions to your customers and to the community.  We certainly want to emulate what you’re doing in your commitment and support you, and the rest of [our] members, in providing solutions for the betterment of the community and the betterment of business.  Thank you for being here and making a commitment to KCK and to growing our community.”
CarterEnergy’s CNG@WORKSM branded Cardlock, located just north of the PDC at 401 Kindleberger in Kansas City, Kansas (66115) provides a resource for area fleets to fuel their vehicles with CNG.  The station accepts Voyager, Comdata, WEX and Multi Service fleet fuel cards, as well as most major credit cards.  
“The facility will provide CNG to the local fleets here in the Fairfax district and to the numerous fleets that travel in and out of the GM plant as well,” stated Jim Prosser, VP Commercial Fuels for CarterEnergy.  “The site will also have Diesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Traditionally, most CNG cardlock facilities have just CNG, so we have a unique situation where we can provide fuel to numerous types of customers.  It’s been a long time coming and we’re very excited to have it open.  We have had a lot of interest in the site, from both customers and others, since we broke ground.”

The build is a project powered by CNG@WORKSM (, a full spectrum program that helps fleets convert to CNG.  Services include low cost natural gas supply, CNG vehicle and refueling infrastructure consulting, and turnkey CNG station financing and development.  
“Over its 55-year history, [CarterEnergy has] provided quality gasoline and Diesel, and ethanol, and now today, they’re adding natural gas, and that is exciting to see,” said Gilbert at the conclusion of the program.  “Today, natural gas is a popular—and practical—option.  Basic developments in the last two years [allow you to] buy CNG engines to replace Diesel ones in almost any size truck for almost any size job. The only problem anymore is where to buy fuel.  CarterEnergy just solved that problem for Butler, for Conway, for Jack Cooper, for all the companies that operate big rigs out of Fairfax, or come through here on their regular routes.”
She continued, “CarterEnergy is helping to transform the marketplace for CNG, adding to a growing network of natural gas stations that are specifically aimed at fueling heavy trucks, moving goods throughout our region with Kansas City as a hub.”
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